Project scope

The scope of the project is the simulation and optimization of the solar two-stage ORC for reverse osmosis desalination. Then, the integrated system will be constructed, installed and measured, in order to identify its performance. At the same time, its main components (such as heat exchangers, feed pumps etc.) will be evaluated after some hours of operation. Finally, a detailed economic analysis will be implemented, calculating the specific water cost (€/m3) of the developed small-scale system and comparing it with the costs of similar systems, powered either by renewable energy or not.

The final target of the project [Two-stage RO-Rankine] is the experimental investigation of an improved system, based on the solar organic Rankine cycle, with a capacity of 2 m3/h of fresh water, proving that the desalination of seawater with renewables can become a cost-effective way to cover the water needs.