About the project

The project [Two-stage RO-Rankine] deals with the development, design and experimental investigation of an autonomous reverse osmosis desalination system, supplied by power produced by a solar two-stage organic Rankine cycle (ORC) with capacity of 10 kW. This project is implemented within the research program “SYNERGASIA 2009”, partly funded by EC and the Greek General Secretary of Research and Technology (GSRT). In the developed system, the heat input to the ORC is provided by a solar field of evacuated tube solar collectors, operating at the temperature range up to 130 οC. The system will be also tested under steady thermal conditions, when is fed by heat of constant temperature.

During the project a prototype system will be constructed with a capacity of 2 m3/h of fresh water. The heat source comes from the evacuated tube solar collectors with a maximum capacity of around 100 kW. Such solar collectors have been chosen, since they are capable of operating at elevated temperatures. Nevertheless, alternative flat plate solar collectors will be also investigated, which can be produced locally and have lower cost, while being adequate of producing the same amount of heat and of the same temperature.

  • International workshop in December 2014

    An International workshop took place [...]

  • Seminar

    The project coordinator participated in a seminar organized by the Research Committee of AUA on the 29th November 2011. In this seminar Dr. Kosmadakis George of AUA made a short presentation of the current research project.